Learning Biblical Greek: Helpful Tips – Jongkind

“The case for learning biblical Greek is that the language is not primarily a tool for use in ministry, but rather that it gives us the most privileged place from which to listen to the voice of our Lord.”

–Dirk Jongkind

The Great Escape: How Do We Get Out Alive?

There are numerous stories of soldiers in wartime escaping their captors. Many times they are recaptured and imprisoned once again, or worse. The accounts of their bravery, and oftentimes their sacrifice, stir the soul with amazement.

The Bible speaks of a captivity we all face. Is there any hope to get out alive?

Systematic Theology: Impassibility – Rennie

In today’s post, we will look to a recent issue of Credo Magazine. They spent time diving into the historic doctrine of the impassibility of God. We will be spending the next several Mondays with this doctrine, to try to give you a feel for the biblical and historic position without drowning you in a flood of links. Personally, I don’t like to drink from a doctrinal firehose and I’m assuming you’re bent in a similar way.