Monthly Archive: April 2019

Systematic Theology: Impassibility – Rennie

In today’s post, we will look to a recent issue of Credo Magazine. They spent time diving into the historic doctrine of the impassibility of God. We will be spending the next several Mondays with this doctrine, to try to give you a feel for the biblical and historic position without drowning you in a flood of links. Personally, I don’t like to drink from a doctrinal firehose and I’m assuming you’re bent in a similar way.

The Word on The Street

I will venture a guess that one specific Christian discipline causes an incredible amount of apprehension: evangelism. We tend to overthink and overcomplicate the simplicity of the gospel, which only adds to our hesitancy...

Helps for New Christians: Bible Reading – Part 1

There are many things for the new Christian to learn. There is familiarity with a broad range of Bible stories. There is special vocabulary to learn. It’s not an insult to your intelligence to recognize that it takes time to pick up on all of these things. It is not simply or only a matter of having a body of knowledge. The life of a Christian is described frequently as a walk. It takes time and more time to grow to maturity, just as it does for a child to grow to adulthood. It is nothing to be ashamed of or to be defeated by.