Monthly Archive: September 2019

The Fight & The Faithful – Batzig

Nick Batzig has written a thoughtful article at Nick has proven over the years to be devoted to Christ, and has been willing to contend for the faith when necessary. What I appreciate...

The Enemy Within: Sanctification – Lundgaard

Kris Lundgaard has written a couple of very helpful books on the Christian life, which may be described as a modern translation of the old Puritan author John Owen. While Owen is a very challenging read on multiple levels, partially due to the density of his prose, Lundgaard removes the language hurdle and helps us join in the labors of Owen.

Truth or Tolerance – May We Choose Both?

In the following address, Christian scholar Dr. Don Carson explores the overlap of truth and tolerance. D.A. is well qualified to speak on the modern canard of “tolerance”, having written several books on Christians...